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Office of Mental Health
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Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative (ESSHI) - Scattered Site Supportive Housing for Adults with SMI Reentering the Community from Prison
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Carol Swiderski
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Solicitation Profile
OMH will serve as lead procurement agency for this RFP under the guidance of the ESSHI Interagency Workgroup (DOH & AIDS Institute, DHCR, OASAS, OCFS, OPDV, OTDA and OPWDD).

In furtherance of the goal of the Housing Plan to develop 6,000 supportive housing units, the ESSHI Interagency Workgroup announces this RFP for the development and operation of up to 250 units of Scattered-Site Supportive Housing for individuals with a serious mental illness (SMI) who are presently living in a NYS prison and will be released to one of the five boroughs of NYC or one of the counties specified in Section 1.2, and who would otherwise be homeless.

Referrals will be managed through the Re-entry Coordination System (RCS) run by the Center for Urban Community Services. The agency selected for this housing will be expected to participate in housing interviews via Video Teleconferences, accept forensic consumers through this process, and report admission decisions and discharges. Referrals with an Assisted Outpatient Treatment order must receive priority consideration for any housing vacancy. Further note that individuals with SMI, who meet one of the above criteria and also have other diagnoses or life challenges, including, but not limited to Substance Use Disorder or HIV/AIDs, are also eligible.

The 250 units of Scattered-Site Supportive Housing have been allocated as follows across the OMH Regions of the State:

• 150 units in the NYC Region
• 100 units in Rest of State:
o Albany County: 10 units
o Broome County: 5 units
o Dutchess County: 5 units
o Erie County: 10 units
o Monroe County: 15 units
o Nassau County: 10 units
o Onondaga County: 5 units
o Orange County: 10 units
o Schenectady County: 5 units
o Suffolk County: 10 units
o Ulster County: 5 units
o Westchester County: 10 units

Applicants proposing to develop units within NYC Region may request any number of units between a minimum of 10 units up to a maximum of 40 units, subject to the availability of units allocated. In the Rest of State, on award will be made for each county listed, consisting of the number of units allocated to that particular county. Applicants may submit multiple proposals, but may only submit on proposal for units in the NYC Region, and/or one proposal for each particular county. Awards will be based on score with the NYC Region or county identified to be served. Please note the location of rental units to be developed with NYC is not specific to a particular borough in NYC.

OMH reserves the right to award a higher or lower number of units than were requested in order to adhere to the total number of units available.

See full RFP for details:

All applicants must be Prequalified by the due date and time for this RFP.

To apply for this opportunity, please go to the top of this page and login to the Grants Gateway Login and search "Available Opportunities" and look for the grant opportunity name listed above. If you are already logged in, click on "Apply for Grant Opportunity".

PLEASE NOTE: The ‘Grantee’ role may Initiate and Save changes to the application only. The user logged in as a ‘Grantee Contract Signatory’ or a ‘Grantee System Administrator’ role can perform all the tasks of Grantee role and can submit the application to the State. When the application is ready for submission, click the ‘Status Changes’ tab, then click the ‘Apply Status’ button under “APPLICATION SUBMITTED” before the due date and time.
Full Announcement Details
Applications Due (Date / Time)
March 07, 2019 / 04:00 PM ET
Bidder's Conference(s)/Application Workshop(s)
None available
Anticipated Award DateFriday, April 12, 2019
Anticipated Initial Contract Length5 Years
Total Funding Available
Anticipated Amount of Award(s)
NarrativeSee Section 5.3 of RFP for full details. $25,000 per unit in NYC, Nassau, Suffolk and Orange Counties. $20,000 per unit in all other counties
Letter of IntentNot Required
Letter of Intent Due
Questions Due DateFriday, February 08, 2019
Questions and Answers NarrativeAll Q&As will be posted on OMH's website. The link is provided below. All questions or requests for clarification concerning the RFP shall be submitted in writing to the Issuing Officer by email at by the date indicated in 2.2. The questions and official answers will be posted on the OMH website by the date indicated in 2.2 and will be limited to addressing only those questions submitted by the deadline. No questions will be answered by telephone or in person.
Questions and Answers Posting TypeLink
Questions and Answers Posting Date2/22/2019 12:00:00 AM
Questions and Answers Link or UploadClick here
Eligible ApplicantsNot-For-Profit
Target Population(s)Age - Adults, Court Involved - Criminal Justice Involved, Court Involved - Formerly Incarcerated, Health Status - Mental Illness, Housing Status - Homeless
Service Area(s) Housing and Shelter Services
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