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Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance
Grant Opportunity
Solutions to End Homelessness Program
Contact Name
Laura French
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Solicitation Profile
The goal of STEHP is to assist individuals and families to prevent the eviction process, remain in or obtain permanent housing, and/or assist them with supportive services during their experience of homelessness. OTDA intends to support comprehensive programs that are designed to: assist individuals living on the street with outreach services; help maintain and improve the quality of emergency and transitional shelters and drop-in centers for homeless individuals and families; help meet the costs of operating such programs; provide comprehensive supportive services aimed at housing stabilization; provide rapid re-housing services (obtaining a permanent living situation); and/or provide eviction prevention assistance to individuals and families. OTDA intends to support programs which are coordinated with Continuum of Care efforts.
Full Announcement Details
Applications Due (Date / Time)
June 18, 2019 / 03:00 PM ET
Bidder's Conference(s)/Application Workshop(s)
None available
Anticipated Award DateWednesday, July 24, 2019
Anticipated Initial Contract Length5 Years
Total Funding Available
Anticipated Amount of Award(s)
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Letter of Intent Due
Questions Due DateFriday, May 17, 2019
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Eligible ApplicantsNot-For-Profit, Governmental Entity, Tribal Organization
Target Population(s)Age - Adults, Age - Aging, Age - Children, Age - Young Adults, Caregivers, Court Involved - Court Appointed Advocate Required/Assigned, Court Involved - Criminal Justice Involved, Court Involved - Family Court, Court Involved - Family of Court Involved, Court Involved - Formerly Incarcerated, Court Involved - Housing Court, Court Involved - Juvenile Justice Involved, Court Involved - Offender Type, Court Involved - Witness, Education Status - Disconnected, Education Status - Drop Out, Education Status - English Learners, Education Status - Grade Level, Education Status - Held Back/Over Age in Education, Education Status - Low-Level Literacy, Education Status - Out-of-School, Education Status - Truant, Employment Status - Employed, Employment Status - Retired, Employment Status - Underemployed, Employment Status - Unemployed, Gender - Female, Gender - Male, Gender - Transgender, Health Status - Alzheimer's Disease, Health Status - Chronic Disease, Health Status - Disabilities, Health Status - HIV/AIDS, Health Status - Mental Illness, Health Status - Substance Abuse, Housing Status - Assisted Living, Housing Status - Homeless, Housing Status - NORC, Housing Status - Nursing Home, Housing Status - NYCHA, Housing Status - Runaways, Housing Status - Section 8 Voucher, Immigrants - Documented, Immigrants - Under-documented, Immigrants - Undocumented, Income Eligibility - Energy Assistance, Income Eligibility - Food Stamps, Income Eligibility - Low Income, Income Eligibility - Medicaid, Income Eligibility - Public Assistance, Income Eligibility - SSD, Income Eligibility - SSI, Income Eligibility - Temporary Cash Assistance, LGBTQ, Organizations - Academic Institutions, Organizations - Community Based Groups, Organizations - Government Entities, Organizations - Not-For Profits, Other, Parents - Custodial, Parents - Expectant Parent, Parents - Father, Parents - Grandparent, Parents - Guardian, Parents - Mother, Parents - Non-Custodial, Parents - Pregnant Female, Veterans, Victims/Survivors - Child Abuse, Victims/Survivors - Domestic Violence, Victims/Survivors - Elder Abuse, Victims/Survivors - Sexual Abuse/Exploitation
Service Area(s) Education Supports, Family Supports, Health Services, Housing and Shelter Services, Justice Services, Workforce Development, Agricultural Supports, Environmental Supports, Public Transportation Services, Public Safety Supports, Government Supports
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