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Office For People with Developmental Disabilities
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FL Family Support Services FY 2019 RFP
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Amanda Bishi
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The Developmental Disabilities Regional Office (DDRO), Region 1 and the Finger Lakes DDRO Family Support Services (FSS) Advisory Council are pleased to announce the availability of funding to provide supports and services to families that care for a family member with a developmental disability living at home. The goal of family support services is to assist families to remain intact for as long as they desire and avoid unnecessary out of home placement.

Proposals are being accepted for Family Support Services that provide new or enhanced programs/services to individuals with developmental disabilities who live at home with their families. Individuals must have OPWDD eligibility at the time of receiving services. Proposals must address unserved/underserved individuals and their families with unmet needs.

Providers of Family Support Services under OPWDD must comply with all applicable NYS OPWDD regulations. Only incorporated not-for-profit agencies or other governmental agencies may apply.

The DDRO Region 1 Finger Lakes office is reinvesting FSS dollars in the amount of $153,626. The Finger Lakes DDRO includes ten counties which are broken down into three FSS regions. Funding is available as described below:

Region I (Monroe County): $ $153,626

Proposals should be for ongoing services, and awards will result in the development of a multiyear contract for up to five years. Individual contracts may be less than 5 years to coincide with the calendar year or existing contract term.

The total allocation of $153,626 is available for families who have a family member with a developmental disability living at home. Awards will be made for proposals addressing the identified local district priority needs as noted on page 2, at the sole discretion of the FY 2019 RFP (Re-Issue) Review Committee.

Anticipated program start-up for successful applicants will be 07/01/2019 as specified below. Changes to this date must be reviewed/approved by the local DDRO. The grantee is responsible for communication with the DDRO to monitor progress towards commencement of program. Continued annual funding is contingent upon satisfactory service performance and continued availability of state and federal funds.


For Region I, up to $153,626 of the total amount of funding available will be awarded for programs that meet the following needs:
1.) Transportation- programs that provide transportation assistance to access community supports and services (this excludes transportation to/from an HCBS Waiver service in which transportation is part of the billable rate).
2.) Expansion of an existing program with documented need, excluding Family Reimbursement. We will not be considering expansion to FR programs with this funding.

Please note: Please include the names or Tabs numbers of individuals the program will serve.
Full Announcement Details
Applications Due (Date / Time)
April 17, 2019 / 11:00 AM ET
Bidder's Conference(s)/Application Workshop(s)
None available
Anticipated Award DateWednesday, May 8, 2019
Anticipated Initial Contract Length5 Years
Total Funding Available$153,626.00
Anticipated Amount of Award(s)TBD
NarrativeFor Region I, up to $153,626 of the total amount of funding available will be awarded for programs that meet the following needs: 1.) Transportation-
Letter of IntentRequired
Letter of Intent DueWednesday, April 17, 2019
NarrativeLetter of Intent (Attachment 1) is due at time of proposal submission. Download, complete and upload this form in the "Pre Submission Upload" section.
Questions Due DateThursday, March 21, 2019
Questions and Answers NarrativeIf you have questions regarding this RFP or the development of your proposal, please email inquiries to FSS Coordinator Amanda Bishi at . The sender is responsible to ensure that the inquiry is received at the OPWDD office. Agencies are responsible to inquire about and clarify RFP conditions that they do not fully understand, or that they feel may be open to more than one interpretation. All inquiries must be received on or before 11:00am on 03/21/19. Official responses to all inquiries will be uploaded to Grants Gateway by 03/22/19 at 4:00pm.
Questions and Answers Posting TypeUpload
Questions and Answers Posting Date3/22/2019 12:00:00 AM
Questions and Answers Link or UploadClick here
Eligible ApplicantsNot-For-Profit, Governmental Entity
Target Population(s)Caregivers
Service Area(s) Family Supports
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