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Office of Children & Family Services
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RFP # 1011 Kinship Caregiver Program AMENDED 2/14/2020
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Theodore Chmielewski
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PLEASE NOTE: THE RFP has been amended on February 14, 2020. In addition, the following documents have been released today 2/14/2020:

•Amended RFP with Bidder's Notice

•Questions and Answers, Bidder’s Webinar PowerPoint Slides, and Attachment 6 – Kinship Caregiver Program-Specific Terms and Conditions, and M/WBE form OCFS-3460.

Please see the amended RFP and Q&A documents for additional information and submission requirements.

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) announces this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit proposals from qualified applicants to support kinship caregivers, also referred to as non-parent caregivers. These Kinship Caregiver Programs will serve families with informal or legal custody of a child(ren) between the ages of 0-18 in at least two (2) or more counties of New York State (NYS). See RFP Section 5.3 Key Concepts for additional information. For the purpose of awards made from this Request for Proposal, OCFS will view each NYC borough as a county. Program services must include case management and referral, support groups, education, family engagement and maintenance, and family preservation.

The contract(s) resulting from this procurement will be for a five-year term from September 1, 2020, to August 31, 2025, in the amount of up to $150,000 per year, per award. This award is contingent upon available funds and satisfactory contractor performance. A local match is not required, but it is encouraged. Applicants must operate in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

The New York State Fiscal Year 2019-20 State Budget appropriated $2.2 million to fund Kinship Caregiver Programs, and OCFS anticipates that funding will be appropriated in future years at similar amounts. The awards resulting from this RFP are contingent on the availability of funding and satisfactory contractor performance. The purpose of this RFP is to fund new Kinship Caregiver Programs to increase the state’s capacity to achieve safety and well-being for children living with kinship families. The Kinship Caregiver Programs will serve families with informal or legal custody of a child(ren) between the ages of 0-18. The services provided by Kinship Caregiver Programs are intended to enable children in kinship care to thrive, when their biological parents are unable to care for them. Kinship Caregiver Program services must include best practices in the field that address the multiple needs of children residing with grandparents, relatives, or any other non-parent caregiver. See Section 4.1 Desired Outcomes and Program Requirements for additional information.

NOTE: Caregivers with legal guardianship OR kinship foster care placements ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to be served under this grant opportunity.

Please see the RFP document and attachments for additional information and submission requirements.
Full Announcement Details
Applications Due (Date / Time)
February 28, 2020 / 04:00 PM ET
Bidder's Conference(s)/Application Workshop(s)
None available
Anticipated Award DateWednesday, April 15, 2020
Anticipated Initial Contract Length5 Years
Total Funding Available$2,200,000.00
Anticipated Amount of Award(s)Up to $150,000 per year, per award
NarrativeNot-for-profits and Voluntary Agencies may apply for and receive up to two (2) awards. Local match is encouraged, but not required.
Letter of IntentNot Required
Letter of Intent Due
Questions Due DateWednesday, February 05, 2020
Questions and Answers NarrativePlease note: The Q&A document, along with Attachment 6 - Kinship Caregiver Program-Specific Terms and Conditions, MWBE form OCFS-3460 and Webinar PowerPoint slides have been added 2/14/2020. All communications to report errors or omissions in the procurement process or to ask questions or to request clarification of this RFP should cite the particular RFP section and paragraph number and must be submitted via email (preferred), or via hard copy mailed to the director of contracts no later than the deadline for submission of written questions specified in Section 1.2 Calendar of Events. Questions received after the deadline for posting responses to written questions will not be answered. The comprehensive list of questions and responses will be posted in the solicitation announcement in the New York State Grants Gateway System (“GGS” or “Grants Gateway”), on the OCFS Website (, and the Contract Reporter website at ( on the date specified in Section 1.2 Calendar of Events.
Questions and Answers Posting TypeUpload
Questions and Answers Posting Date2/14/2020 12:00:00 AM
Questions and Answers Link or UploadClick here
Eligible ApplicantsNot-For-Profit, Tribal Organization
Target Population(s)Age - Adults, Age - Aging, Age - Children, Age - Young Adults, Caregivers, Court Involved - Family Court, Court Involved - Housing Court, Gender - Female, Gender - Male, Gender - Transgender, Housing Status - Runaways, Organizations - Not-For Profits, Parents - Custodial, Parents - Grandparent, Parents - Guardian
Service Area(s) Family Supports, Housing and Shelter Services
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